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Since DA was pretty much sold to wix, I'm closing this contest here so " IF " they do something stupid the the contest will be over and no one will get screwed out of what they won.
There were a lot of even votes so i'll be picking the 2 and 3 place for the contest since the first place entry is the only clear winner for a spot

So the first place winner is

With their entry with 7 votes

Raditsu by changiz
Great job !
You win 400 points  Put on the front of the group as the winner, Will get a watch, Everything Favorited, a  llama ( if i haven't given you a llama already  )

Second place goes to

with  5 votes ( again sorry for picking for everyone i just want to hurry up and end this contest before something weird happens with DA )
Android Trunks by JMBfanart
You win 200 Points, a watch, Everything Favorited and a llama

Third place goes to
Good Nappa by Joojnaldo
With 5 votes
You win 50 points, Half of Favorited, a llama And a heads up / Helping hand for the next contest

Thank you all For voting and entering the contest !

Be sure you check out the other wonderful entries of this contest !

(Contest Entry) Cabba by IHaveNoLaifu   Evil Goku by BadClone   Super Saiyan 2 Majin Teen Gohan by Gogetunks   Evil Cabba (Coloured) by TheDragonBallEditor   Evil Trunks vs. Goku Black | WHAT IF by Demon98     Evil Kyabe by corbeau-freux   Contest - Majin Gohan by TUVGM   Goten Black by ethmic12   Gohan vs evil Goten (contest) by antoinesprite65   ssgss vegeta / ssr vegeta black by Bowser226   Evil Gohan SSJ2 by RadsPerSecone123   (CE) Saiyan warrior by INDOFAON   Evil Cabba Gif Experiment by Tuuber25   Happy Birthday, Nappa (Colored) by Asuma17   Saiyan Warrior Kakarot vs Earth Raditz by SSGJD7   Dragon Ball: Invader from Afar by ShingYong84   Evil Goku from universe 6 by JamesBlade   Evil Kid Goku by Fighter1Manga -CE- Anti-Hero by Nekis311   Evil Trunks [Dragon Ball Z] by Deepalidbz   Alternate Reality by XenonB     A Real God Of Destruction by NekoLover628

If everything will turn out okay with this wix stuff, Then we'll have another contest shortly !

Hope to see you all there !

( sorry my spelling is bad )

Take care everyone, Love you all and god bless ♥
More Journal Entries

Rules And About us !

This group is for anyone who enjoys the Dragon ball Anime/Manga !
Any and all art styles are welcomed !
Any form of art Is welcomed ! Cosplay,drawings,Stories etc !


Don't be rude ! We ask you to Respect everyone's opinions and not to pick a fight with anyone !

DO NOT STEAL, You will be kicked from the group, Reported and Put on the front of the group as a thief !

Please Put a flatter on Anything that's sexual or has A lot of gore ! ( some blood is alright just not full on guts and heads cut off ! )

Post to the Right folder !
If you make a mistake and post to the wrong folder That's perfectly okay ! Just tell me and I'll fix it ♥

DON'T Spam the feature folder !
It's suppose to be a nice treat when you see your art in that folder ♥

If a folder Is full tell me !

Have any questions feel free to ask !

If you have a dbz based comic, feel free to ask for your own folder for it ! fan made comics are welcomed here !

If you have a picture that doesn't have a folder , either request it or put it in the "others folder "

If you don't know where something goes put it in the " others " folder and I'll take care of it ♥

If you deactivate your account you will be removed from the group so the group isn't full of dead accounts

And the most IMPORTANT RULE have fun ♥
Take care everyone and god bless ♥




Please feel free to check out these other wonderful groups ! ♥
Take care and god bless ! ♥


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Anytime my friend ! DBZ - Goku and Goten [Reunited,Hug] [V.1] 
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Thank you for joining us my friend ♥DBZ - Goku and Goten [Reunited,Hug] [V.1] 
Take care ! 
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This is amazing, I'm new here! Love y'all
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